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Using OZONE to completely destroy that nasty stink

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Guaranteed odor removal.


For your vehicle, residence, office, gym, barn, ... pretty much anywhere.

Sounds like a gimmick, I know.  That's why I guarantee results and you pay nothing until the odor is gone.  Let me show you how a powerful little molecule can destroy odors without the use of harsh chemical cleaners.  


Ozone is simply three oxygen atoms instead of the two that your lungs prefer to sustain life.  By shocking an area with high levels of ozone using our commercial ozone generators, the nasty stink molecules (please don't mind if I get all scientific here) are oxidized by that extra, unstable oxygen atom trying to be a third wheel.  Our ozone generators are not the kind you plug in anywhere to make a room smell better.  No, these machines quickly SHOCK the area with high levels of ozone to penetrate deeply yet safely into carpet, upholstery, fabrics and ventilation systems.

Like those old "As seen on TV" commercials ... but wait, there's MORE!

Ozone also oxidizes bacteria, mold, and viruses. Click HERE.

Ozone shock treatment has also been proven to kill bedbugs and even vermin! Ozone & Bedbugs


Hi!  I'm not a real OZONE molecule, but I portray one on the internet.

We're not messing around.

Because this is a SHOCK treatment,

the target area will need to be completely

vacated during treatment.  This means:


(The only exceptions are fish tanks and large or hardy plants.)
















In just a few hours, your home will be completely stink free, with the added assurance of whole house sanitizing.


Doctors and dentists love our service because they know that no matter how icky some people may appear, the office will be free of odor and sanitized.


Does that vehicle smell like a filthy dog or the bottom of an ash tray?  Nobody wants to buy a stinky car, bus, van, trailer, RV, etc.

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Home Showings

Ideal service for REALTORS

"If it SMELLS, it doesn't SELL."

Sometimes fresh paint and carpet aren't enough, or are even THE CAUSE of strong odors in a real estate listing.  So if the paint and flooring are sound, SHOCK it with ozone to eliminate any odors.  If the paint and floor improvements are off-gassing VOCs, SHOCK it with ozone.

No need to bake cookies, and you can put away that bayberry-scented candle.

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Apartment Property Managers

You've had them before: the tenant with a heart of gold, but a penchant for hoarding.  Or cats.  Or hoarding cats.  And did you ever have anyone expire in your property?  If so, we're so sorry you had to go through that, but we can help!  Yes, even decomp stink is gone with ozone shock treatment!

HOW IT WORKS is new ...

and so we're offering a generous suite of FREE services to our first clients.

We believe we can make a difference, and with introductory FREE services, you have nothing to lose.  

So call (484)  918 - 0007 to schedule a visit today.


What People are Saying

Well, they aren't saying anything yet.  But give me time; I'll get around to adding client reviews here soon.  

Maybe YOU'LL be the first!

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More blah blah blah blah  blah  blah  blah  blah  blah  blah  blah  blah, etc.

And even more blah blah blah blah   blah  blah  blah  blah  blah and so on and so forth.

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